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About Florida Purchasing Agency

We began as a family-owned business over 30 years ago and have grown to supply over 500 clients in the Caribbean basin area, where we have earned a solid reputation. Our services do not stop in the Caribbean, however; we have the capabilities to purchase anything for anyone around the world and have it shipped directly to you.

We do not specialize in any one particular product or industry. Instead, we specialize in providing great customer care and expediting emergencies. We respond immediately to emergencies and in many cases are able to get parts to the airport the same day so that your problem can be fixed as early as possible. We understand the cost and seriousness of a breakdown.

We also specialize in hard-to-find items and go out of the way for our clients. With a pool of over 5000 established, proven suppliers, we can locate what you need quickly. As a known reseller to these suppliers, we receive a resale discount that these suppliers would not give an end user, and we pass these savings directly to you.

With established links to most ocean and air freight carriers, we can take care of all your shipping needs from document preparation to packaging to delivering the items to the carriers. Our clients can buy anything anywhere in the world, and we will organize the pickup and the shipping to the client.

When you contact us via phone, fax, or email, you will be connected with an actual person, not an answering service. We have multilingual (English, Spanish, French, Creole) customer reps and are open five and a half days a week. We also have ten buyers who work feverishly to support the needs of our clients.

Mission Statement: To go out of the way for our clients, by specializing in great customer care and expedition of emergencies, to make sure their needs from purchasing to shipping to aftermarket services are met in a timely manner.

Vision Statement: To be a procurement service that appeals to the world market, with the capability to buy anything for anyone around the world and deliver it swiftly to their door.


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