Showa® TEM-RES® 282 Gloves

845282M08:Showa® TEM-RES® 282 Gloves TEM-RES 282 Gloves, M, Blue
SKU: 845-282M-08
Manufacturer: SHOWA®
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Name: Showa® TEM-RES® 282 Gloves
Description: TEM-RES 282 Gloves, M, Blue
SKU: 845-282M-08
UPC: 00713740028226
Min. Order:
Standard Pack: 1 DZ

  • Features:
  • Full breathable micro-ventilated polyurethane coating with micro roughened nitrile coating on fingertips on nylon/insulated acrylic liner
  • Provides warmth with protection from liquids in cold conditions
  • Seamless knit nylon and insulated acrylic liner provides warmth and comfort all day long
  • Liquid proof technology provides a barrier against water and liquids
  • Breathable technology allows warm air and moisture from inside to escape to keep your hands dry
  • Premium comfort and flexibility of PU
  • High level of handling precision and optimal rough grip
  • No irritation by seams in contact with the skin
  • Waterproof TEM-RES® technology
  • Ergonomic design hand mold replicates the natural curvature of the human hand