SHOWA® 380 Coated Gloves

845380S06:SHOWA® 380 Coated Gloves 380 Coated Gloves, 6/Small, Black/Blue
SKU: 845-380S-06
Manufacturer: SHOWA®
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Name: SHOWA® 380 Coated Gloves
Description: 380 Coated Gloves, 6/Small, Black/Blue
SKU: 845-380S-06
UPC: 00380540763600
Min. Order:
Standard Pack: 1 DZ

  • Features:
  • Created for long-lasting comfort and optimal grip across a range of applications
  • The go-to protection for both wet and dry environments
  • Oil-resistant coating ensures optimal, long-lasting grip in both dry and wet environments
  • Lightweight design provides maximum comfort and dexterity
  • Nitrile coating reduces risk of allergies
  • Wrist cuff prevents debris from entering the glove
  • Open-back ensures breathability and reduces perspiration
  • Mimics the curvature of a human hand to reduce fatigue
  • No irritating seams in contact with skin
  • Nitrile foam grip